BOSSES from a Bolton automotive firm are travelling to one of the world’s largest-ever environmental conferences to highlight their own eco-breakthrough.

Hartech, the Porsche specialist based on the Firwood Industrial Estate, has developed technology which should lower vehicle emissions on all petrol cars by 15 to 20 per cent.

But management at the Thicketford Road venture say there is a lack of grant support to develop such concepts for wider markets.

And with that in mind, they will be taking one of their adapted cars to the COP26 gathering in Glasgow to lobby for change.

A Hartech spokesman said: “We are attending the COP26 in Glasgow as we feel passionate about saving the environment by reducing carbon emissions

“Less emissions equals more miles per gallon and more power at no extra costs.

“While everyone has abandoned new research and development into the internal combustion engine, and associated funding, in favour of emerging alternatives, (we) have found that t wo of our well-established racing engine power modifications combined reliably, improve economy and reduce emissions.

“Because anything increasing engine efficiency works for all applications - road or track. (THis is) applicable to all newly manufactured engines at no added cost and all remanufactured engines at minimal cost.

“This creates an unexpected opportunity to reduce millions of tons of greenhouse gasses years before new well-funded alternatives make a significant difference.

“Despite being based on existing and accepted science and technology, and proven in independent trials, there appears to be no external grants available to enable this underfunded technological climate changing project to accelerate its testing program sufficiently to persuade industry and governments to help apply its huge potential worldwide that will help towards reducing our carbon emission footprint which is vital to the planet.”

Their eco-power car will be driven to Scotland in a bid to persuade key environmental concerns that their solution is worth wider consideration.