A WESTHOUGHTON man who got behind the wheel of a car while drunk a week after being banned from the roads has been jailed.

Bolton Crown Court heard Matthew Rothwell even reversed into a police car as he tried to get away.

The 29-year-old was spotted driving at excessive speeds by officers on Foundry Street in the early hours with a passenger in the vehicle.

The car sped away going at speeds of up to 60mph in 30mph zones.

During the pursuit the car drove through a no entry sign, mounted the pavement and went through a junction without slowing down.

Even as there appeared to be no way out, Rothwell went to alarming lengths to try to get away.

Peter Malone, prosecuting, said: “The Ford rammed back into the front side of the police vehicle. The officer ran to the driver’s door. He could hear the car revving.

“The officer discharged a Taser, at first it had little effect, the car was still revving. The Taser was again discharged. The officer eventually took the key out of the ignition.”

Rothwell was arrested and breathalysed and found to have 83mg of alcohol in 100ml of breath. The legal limit is 35.

Just eight days before the incident last month he had been given a community order and banned from court for a drink-driving offence.

Rothwell, of Furze Avenue, admitted to driving under the influence of alcohol, while disqualified, with no insurance and dangerously.

James Preece, defending, said Rothwell had pleaded guilty at the first opportunity, the speeds were not as high as those in other dangerous driving cases and as it took place at around 2am there was less chance of anyone being injured.

Recorder Imran Shafi QC said: “Your driving was appalling. You did not care if anybody got in your way, if they got injured or even if they were killed which could well have happened.

"It seems there are no reasons whatsoever to suspend a sentence of imprisonment.

“There is every reason not to suspend the sentence given your complete disregard for court orders”

He jailed Rothwell for 16 months and banned him from driving for four years and seven months.