IF PRESIDENT Biden’s travel arrangements are anything to go by, I don’t hold out much hope of anything positive coming from this week’s COP26 meeting in Glasgow.

The first stopover on his 10,000 (plus) mile trip on the energy-efficient (just kidding) Presidential 747, Air Force One, was in Rome where he drove to the Vatican, for a meeting with the Pope, in a gas-guzzling, 85 car motorcade.

And a 20-vehicle motorcade to take him to the COP26 meeting.

Great example, Joe.

Unfortunately for the planet, neither the current, nor the previous occupant of the White House, had or appear to have, any grasp on what is happening in the real world.

But the Biden entourage was not alone – many of the attendees at the summit flew in on gas-guzzling private jets.

My cynicism over these international summits all started the first time we saw world leaders gathering together in luxury hotels where they wined and dined on caviar and champagne as they discussed how to tackle global hunger and poverty.