ALTHOUGH established to commemorate the fallen of World War One, Remembrance Day also holds a deep significance for those who have lost loved ones in more recent conflicts.

Personal grief notwithstanding, what sentiments are stirred in the heart of the British nation by the words ‘Lest we forget’?

Does John Citizen still sport a red poppy as a mark of respect, a symbol of rapport with his heroic forebears as well as a token of support for our contemporary service personnel?

Is the two minutes silence spent empathising with the principles fought and died for in two world wars, or our unshakeable patriotism, dedication to free speech, and devotion to family values abandoned as social standards?

November 11 will see a demonstration of national thanksgiving for the inheritance granted to us by the sacrifice of millions of lives.

And yet it would appear that much of what as a nation we vowed never to forget has already been forgotten.