A NEW artisan bakery stall is looking for independent bakers to help after lockdown saw their business plummet.

Arrow Fresh has recently opened a stall in Bolton Market Place, stocking Lancashire-based independent bakeries, in a bid to save them from the aftermath of last year’s lockdown.

The stall is now looking for Bolton-based bakeries who want to sell their brownies and cakes to townsfolk.

Originally the venture started in Leeds last year, but is now branching out, as owner Harry Clavane lost his travel business and wanted to create something that would stock freshly made bakes from local sellers.

He said: “We are a new business that launched in the pandemic with suppliers who really struggles through lockdown.

The Bolton stall opened for business just three weeks ago and is already seeing success with customers loving the idea of buying from independent bakers.

He added: "We’ve been well received in Bolton so far, because it’s different and not what you see in a supermarket. We love Market Place, it’s a wow factor for the town, they have big smiles on their faces when getting a brownie for someone.

Arrow Fresh is keen to take on new bakeries in Bolton to add to their ever-growing list.

Harry said: “We are always looking for new suppliers and we’d love to collaborate with those in Bolton, to get them out there because that’s what we do.

“We shout about independent bakers on our stalls, some including The Finch Bakery from Clitheroe, and we’d love to talk to more here in Bolton.

“People in Bolton would love to buy desserts made in Bolton and everything we stock is delivered fresh every single day.

“We want to support them, so we welcome them, especially if they have suffered over the last year.”

The stall is a permanent fixture in the Market Place and will run seven days a week, giving people the chance to try a cake, brownie or a donut, every day.

Harry said: “Some of the bakers whose bakes we stock used to have their own shop but lost their business in the pandemic, we wanted to give them a chance again.

“My plan is to reel this out across the country eventually, the Leeds one was doing so well so I already knew I had to expand.

“Bolton was always in the plan, and I didn’t know it too well but it’s great here, as we’ve had great feedback.”