VETERANS visited accommodation built especially for them yesterday, as part of a welcome day for a new development.

Bosses at support service My Space Housing Solutions wanted to use the day to promote a new development in Grundy Road, Farnworth, to veterans.

The accommodation will support veterans in adjusting and integrating into the community, offering support for their mental health, employment, and education.

Peter Lynch, strategic director, added: “We are making the service visible to veterans. Lots of our buildings support vulnerable veterans from the armed force community. It’s very much in our ethos and values.

“Many are living in poor standard accommodation, so we offer amazing support and opportunities.”

Someone grateful for the service, was a 14-year veteran, who had to have reconstructive surgery after serving in Afghanistan. He experienced a huge amount of difficulty in getting the help he needed prior to this service.

The former soldier, who asked not to be named, said: “I suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety after being in the army. The system doesn’t always know how to help, but this offers the right support for the right people.”

Richard McAvoy, an armed forces champion for the Department of Work and Pensions, who is responsible for referring veterans to the service, said: “There is no other place offering this. This scheme is so fantastic and positive. Our job is to make sure it is suitable for them.”

It was initially earmarked for another venture, until the housing service highlighted the demand for veteran accommodation.

My Space currently holds the silver award of the Armed Forces Covenant, in recognition of their work with veterans, and this project is their sixth.

Regional manager Mark Eustace, who has worked with vulnerable people and veterans for more than 20 years, said: “We want this to enrich their lives and give them the skills, and support network opportunities they need.”

There are 16 units, each fitted with their own kitchen, bathroom, and UV heating system, as well as ground floor rooms to cater for those with disabilities.

The spacious flats are part of a collaborative project with several veterans charities, and are expected to be up and running by December.