A QUAD bike rider who was carrying three children when the machine crashed has been told he could face jail after he admitted dangerous driving.

One child was seriously hurt when the bike crashed into a parked car on Plank Lane, Leigh on March 21.

At Bolton Crown Court Robert Hoofe, aged 38, of Bond Street, Leigh, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving.

He had already admitted riding the quad bike at Pennington Wharf without a licence or insurance as well as drink and drug driving.

Wigan magistrates had heard how Hoofe had taken cocaine and cannabis before riding the bike and was also over the alcohol limit.

Hoofe had been accused of causing serious injury by dangerous driving but at Bolton Crown Court Andrew MacKintosh, prosecuting, told the Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh that the charge is not being proceeded with.

"The quad bike, which was seized, was destroyed before it was examined and before the defence had any opportunity to examine it," said Mr MacKintosh.

"The defendant, when interviewed some time after this event, maintained that the immediate cause of the accident was that the accelerator on the vehicle jammed.

"Because no one saw the accident and because the quad bike has been destroyed and was not available for examination, it has been accepted by the Crown that the immediate cause of the accident was the jamming of the accelerator."

Hoofe admits his driving before the crash, at speed, along a tow path, over a bridge and onto the road, while he had three children on board and was under the influence of drink and drugs, was dangerous.

He will be sentenced on December 10 after reports are prepared about him.

The quad bike rider heard that there is a "very real possibility" that he will be jailed.

Judge Walsh told him: "I will adjourn for a pre-sentence report but that is no indication as to what will happen when you are eventually sentenced and that must be absolutely clear."

Hoofe was granted bail in the meantime and remains banned from driving.