A MAN accused of joining his brother in a savage attack in Horwich over a drugs debt that was passed on has denied being in the area at the time – despite data showing his phone was nearby.

Reece Lonsdale is on trial at Bolton Crown Court accused of an attack on Scott Wilson at his home on Beaumont Avenue last March.

The court heard a friend of Mr Wilson had a drugs debt which he considered settled but this was then passed onto another person.

Mr Wilson was then texted saying he owed £1,000 before being attacked by two men in his home.

Lucas Lonsdale, 32, of Moorside Avenue, Farnworth, has admitted to aggravated burglary involving grievous bodily harm and and wounding.

Reece Lonsdale, his brother, denies these two charges, saying he was not the other man involved in the attack.

Daniel Calder, prosecuting, told jurors cell site analysis showed a number belonging to Reece Lonsdale was at the location at the time the attack took place.

Lonsdale, 28, of Kentmore Grove, Farnworth, said he had gone to work with his brother at a house in Lowton on the day but had been dropped off home that afternoon.

He admitted the phone number in question was his and said he had taken a call while in his brother’s car outside his home.

Reece Lonsdale told jurors he went into the house and thought the phone was in his pocket as he went for a shower.

He also told his counsel, Richard Bridgen, his partner had rang his number "to see if my phone was in the yard"

The defendant said his brother answered and he said “you have got my phone.”

Mr Bridgen asked: “When you spoke to your brother on the call from your partner’s phone, did he tell you what he was doing?”

Reece Lonsdale replied: “No.”

The trial, before Recorder Andrew Long, continues.