A 12-YEAR-OLD has taken part in a gaming marathon to raise money for charity.

Ryan Heyes from Bolton asked mum Collette Heyes if he could do something he loved all night for charity.

After a compromise, Ryan ended up playing for 15 hours on Saturday, November 20 from 7pm until 10am Sunday.

The money raised at £255 will go to Macmillan Charity,

His mum Collette said: "I had no idea what he was on about or what it was even for? He then showed me on his phone.

The Macmillan charity have created a 'Gaming marathon event'.

She said: "After I looked into it a little more, I decided that he is not doing it for 24 hours.

"That's certainly far too long for a 12 year old. We compromised on 15 hours from 7pm 10am the next morning.

"This is his first ever time raising money for charity and after less that 48 hours, he's already smashed his first goal."

He surpassed his final target of £250 with a total of £255.88.

His mum said: "Now he has his certificate up on his wall and cannot wait to take it into school tomorrow to show his teachers."