A PATISSERIE baker is rising to the challenge in the world of TV as he features on Nadiya Hussain’s new show.

Dinesh Patel, a Bolton-based pastry chef, was already a household name after his appearance on the Indian version of MasterChef, where he finished third.

Now, the 27-year-old baker can be seen on Great British Bake-Off winner Nadiya Hussain’s new show, Fast Flavours on BBC2, where he makes his famous reconstructed shrikhand cheesecake.

Dinesh said: “It was good in India and now this is my first bit of TV work in the UK, so it was really fun to work on.

“I loved being on Nadiya’s show, especially getting the chance to showcase some South Asian rooted dishes, because that’s something important to me and is part of what I do now.

“I’m proud of myself for finishing third on MasterChef in a place I had never been to before, as it was a massive culture shock.”

When not working on a TV show, Dinesh runs his business, By Dinesh based in Bolton, where he creates bespoke orders.

He said: “We are not a commercial business with a shop, but I love what we do and wouldn’t change it.

“All the recipes I have collected on my travels, and we have a set of recipes that we have fused with South Asian desserts and made our own.”

Nadiya’s six-part series has a new theme each week and will explore different flavours, with Dinesh focusing on the baking with his cheesecake.

He said: “The cheesecake incorporates layers of yoghurt with mascarpone and saffron and oats in the praline.

“This is always the most popular and at the same time it looks really good. I made it when I was on MasterChef as well, so this is a very prominent dessert that has stuck with me.”

On the show, Dinesh and Nadiya discuss the importance of different flavours and what makes a dish memorable.

He said: “We connected on Instagram because there are a lot of people who after doing TV work are doing the same, and her team reached out to me because they liked what I was doing.

“It was nice to see that in this world, what I am doing is being noticed. I have a good following and Nadiya represents part of the South Asian community and culture too.”