IAN Evatt says Doncaster boss Richie Wellens has “a good identity” and “philosophy” ahead of Tuesday night’s clash with Wanderers.

The Whites will be looking to bounce back from Saturday’s 1-0 defeat against Wycombe and return to winning ways in League One.

Meanwhile, Doncaster sit 23rd in the league table and enter the game on the back of a 0-0 draw with Lincoln.

But Evatt is preparing a tough test against Wellens’ men and says they are “improving all the time.”

“I know Rich well, I’ve known him a long, long time. I played against him a lot, we did our qualifications together,” said the Bolton boss.

“He’s had a topsy-turvy time but he knows the game really well. He’s had a good career, very experienced and tries to play a certain way.

“A good identity, good philosophy. He’s had challenging times at Doncaster – they aren’t spending the kind of money they used to and you have to find a way, and Rich is trying to do that.

“It will be a very difficult for us tomorrow night. They obviously had a good result against Lincoln on Saturday and are improving all the time.

“We’re depleted but as I said we have to find a way to get the right result.”

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer made the headlines over the weekend after he was sacked by Manchester United.

Evatt admits life is tough for managers in the modern game and says it is important to give them time.

He added: “It’s an awful part of the game - it’s sad. Managers need time and they need, when things are tough, some support sometimes and unless things have become untenable and it’s quite obvious that the players don’t care for the manager anymore and they’re not trying.

“For me, they have to be given more time and especially when you’re giving recruiting to a manager’s philosophy or style and you’re giving managers money to spend or sign players.

“It’s not good if you’ve done that, backed him and then midway through a season before another window, you sack him because a new manager is just stuck with the old manager’s players anyway and they’re recruited to a different philosophy to what a new manager might have.

“It just doesn’t make sense but it’s football and I guess that’s the nature of the beast.”