THE Bolton News reported that mandatory coronavirus vaccination is not something the Government would “ever look at” bringing in, Health Secretary Sajid Javid has said.

His comments came as demonstrators took to the streets across Europe protesting against tighter restrictions amid a surge in infections.

The story got a lot of reaction from readers online.

Here are a selection of the comments

Lucinda Gould said: "Only for health care workers and care workers, but Joe Bloggs walks in nursing home/ hospital without being vaccinated, (and then) passes it on to those working and living there."

Lee Smith said: "Wait till they change the narrative on what’s classed as fully vaccinated from two shots to three. That would mean those who are doubly shot are unvaccinated and when the hospitals fill up this winter with double vaccinated, the narrative will be they’re filling up with the unvaccinated."

steveG said: "I would have thought the nightmare possibility that jabs could be made compulsory should send shivers down the spine of every democracy loving individual in the free world. "