NOT all heroes wear capes.

For workwear-clad colleagues Nathan Covell and Mark Newsome sprung into action to save an elderly man’s life when called to a house restoration job.

Nathan, 29, performed resuscitation while Mark phoned for an ambulance after seeing a man collapse inside the home they had been called to.

The two technicians, who each work for Bolton-based Heightvale, had arrived at a customer’s house to carry out work following flooding.

When they knocked on the door, there was no answer, which was unusual as they had an appointment booked.

Nathan said: “I looked through the back window to see if he was in the back garden, and he was lying there unconscious and wasn’t breathing.

“I was panicking, but stayed calm because I knew I had to do something.”

Although this was Nathan’s first time being faced with this situation, his grandmother was a paramedic and his family taught him lifesaving skills when he was growing up.

Company director Melissa Owen added: “Nathan puts his heart and soul into his work.

“I don’t know how I would have reacted in that situation.

“Both of them did really well and dealt with it in the best way they could, and we are so proud of them.”

Ms Owen said this situation had given the company more incentive to increase the level of training for all staff.

All attending trades are currently trained in basic first aid training.

She added: “We visit a lot of elderly people’s properties, and this has definitely opened our eyes to what could happen.

“It could be life saving, and we are even more aware of what our team might have to do.”

Ms Owen said that the man’s wife was upset with what had happened with the flood, and that she contacted Heightvale to say how grateful she was.

The insurance company also sent thank-you gifts to the team.

Ms Owen added: “To have such nice feedback means a lot. We really do care when we go on out on jobs.”

The man is said to be making a speedy recovery, and has now come out of hospital.