A HEARTWARMING boost was given to five charities in the borough today as they received generous cash boosts from Bolton’s first philanthropic energy consultancy firm - Box Power.

Bolton Hospice, Bolton Lads and Girls Club, Bolton CAMHS, Fortalice and Special Needs Under Fives Support all received cash boosts at the Box Power Charity Giving Event, which handed out £800,000 to more than 20 charities across the North West to help the local community.

The company was created by Corin and Tricia Dalby, who have lived in Bolton for most of their lives.

For Corin, growing up it wasn’t an easy road - bullied throughout his childhood, teenage years and his time in the Army. He developed a bad stammer which still affects him today.

Overcoming the difficulties presented to him, Corin created his own energy business in the mid 90s before selling it in 2012 to become a main carer for his autistic son, Benjamin.

However the couple were blown away by the support they received from the community, particularly Bolton CAMHS, so they decided to create Box Power in 2014.

Talking at the event, Tricia said: “We have had lots of struggles over the years with trying to get help and support for Ben and he was our main inspiration for starting another business.

“We would have struggled without outside help, so that inspired us, we wanted to make sure that other people didn’t have to struggle like us.”

Box Power is a non-profit organisation that gives the money they raise straight back to charities so they can support families like theirs in the long run.

Benjamin Dalby said he is really proud of his parents.

He said: “It’s quite enlightening for me because obviously I’ve been through struggles and so have my parents.

“At times we’ve thought there isn’t support or support accessible, so just being able to give to charities, hopefully the extra money will make people’s lives easier.”

The Mayor of Bolton attended the charity event and praised Corin and his family for their efforts.

Cllr Linda Thomas said: “This is a remarkable story. One of the badges that I have on my civic regalia is Lord Leverhulme. He was the mayor in 1918 and before today he was probably the great philanthropist that we’ve had in Bolton, but I think now I’ll say that it’s Corin.”

The event was filled with beautiful stories from charities who have been deeply touched by Corin and Tricia’s kindness and support with their generous cash boosts.

Kathryn Willett, corporate and community fundraiser at Bolton Hospice said the money will benefit the charity in a number of ways.

She said: “Due to the Covid crisis, we have had gaps in our income that we have desperately needed to fill, so, the kindness and generosity of the donation from Box Power will really help towards funding patient care at the hospice.

“We’re just over the moon that they have been able to provide funding for us.”