A THUG who broke his partner's arm after a row erupted in his shed has been jailed for 27 months.

Minshull Street Crown Court heard how 37-year-old Dale Hamer had been in an on-off relationship with the woman for three years, but it came to an end in 2019 when he was given a jail sentence for assault and a restraining order was made banning him from contacting her.

Joshua Bowker, prosecuting, said that, despite the order, the relationship resumed within weeks of his release.

On January 30 this year they arranged to meet at his home in the evening and the woman was asked to bring some beers.

But she was late, arriving at 8pm after talking on the phone to her daughter and found Hamer in the shed, which he uses as a "man cave".

Mr Bowker said that Hamer shouted at her as she sat in silence and began to cry and the pair then talked for several hours during which Hamer became very drunk.

An argument broke out after he suggested they get a house together and he began verbally abusing his partner.

The court heard that, during a scuffle, the woman's jaw was struck and then she said a heater hit her.

The woman ran from the shed into the garden and pleaded with Hamer's parents to keep him away from her.

A taxi took her to hospital where doctors discovered she had a displaced fracture of a bone in her forearm and she underwent surgery to insert metal plates and screws.

"She has a large scar, which she is self-conscious about, and is a constant reminder of the assault," said Mr Bowker.

"She can no longer use a knife and fork correctly or tie her own shoe laces."

Hamer, of Hampson Mill Lane, Bury, was arrested and initially denied assaulting the woman, claiming she had smashed up the shed and used the radiator against him.

Hamer, who already has 24 convictions for 41 previous offences, eventually pleaded guilty to causing grievous bodily harm and breaching a restraining order.

William Staunton, defending, told Judge John Edwards that while Hamer has been on remand at Liverpool prison his father has died.

"He knows now that he has to be there for his mother and he has failed his family," said Mr Staunton, who added that Hamer regrets his behaviour towards his former partner.

Jailing Hamer, Judge Edwards told him: "You must appreciate that by behaving as you did you not only demeaned her but, unbeknown to you, you demean yourself."

He added that Hamer has an "unenviable record" including offences of violence.

"You must appreciate that the domestic context of these assaults, and this one in particular, makes it more serious as it represents a violation of the trust and security that she was entitled to feel."