HISTORIAN and talented cartoonist Dave Burnham has captured the town in a series of 12 drawings celebrating Bolton’s heritage and humour.

And Bolton-based arts and heritage organisation, Live from Worktown has packaged it all up in a 2022 calendar for all to enjoy.

Dave Burnham, known for organising historical tours around the Bolton, said: “We’ve included new buildings this year, like the Octagon and Bolton Interchange and they blend in nicely with the terracotta extravagance of the likes of Swan Lane Mill.

“There is also an image of a couple relaxing at home, a wry comment on what so many of us did during deep lockdown.

“The cover image shows lads playing football in a street, set in a long demolished part of Brownlow Fold Way back then, the girl skipping and the boys admiring the cart were involved in completely innocent behaviour.

“The footballers however, were liable to prosecution, as street football was illegal.

“They knew it and despite seeing boys on each corner to watch out for ‘tecs’ – from detectives/police – sometimes they were pounced on and ended up in court.

“This ridiculous state of affairs was a result of an ancient law, passed when street football was often the precursor to rioting and looting.”

This is just one of the intriguing images in Live from Worktown’s 2022 calendar, which is now available.

It contains the usual mix of quirky images of Bolton ancient and modern.

Some places people will recognisable immediately – the Interchange for instance, or Swan Lane Mill.

Others are a little more obscure – where’s Clock Mill for instance?

Live from Worktown’s 2022 calendar is available from Waterstones, Booth’s Music, A Small Good Thing and the Central Library shop for £8.99. You can also order it direct from livefromworktown.org for £10, including post and packing

Profits from the sale of the calendar will go towards the costs of producing Live from Worktown’s various arts and heritage projects in Bolton.