A TEENAGER took a fatal overdose of antidepressant pills days after splitting up with her boyfriend.

Fern Miles, aged 19, texted Christopher Lowe to say she would take 24 tablets and called him an hour later saying: "I love you, but I'm gone now."

Her body was discovered two days later at her home in Dyson Road, Farnworth, by her friend Maria Burton.

Bolton Coroners' Court heard that Mr Lowe moved out of the flat they shared on July 16 last year, after an argument.

The next day Miss Miles, who worked as a sales representative for British Gas, went to the doctors and told of the strains in her life. She was prescribed dothiepin.

Two days later, Miss Miles and Mr Lowe had calmed down and talked about getting back together. But the following day she accused him of having a relationship with one of her friends.

Hours later she took three times the fatal dosage of antidepressants.

Friends and family giving evidence at the inquest said they did not believe she would deliberately take an overdose.

Mr Lowe, who now lives in Bridge Street, Farnworth, said: "She could be very stubborn about things and I did not want to leave, but I felt like I didn't have a choice. We kept having petty arguments and it became an issue.

"She texted me and said she was going to take 24 tablets but I did not believe her."

After her phone call, Mr Lowe went to the flat but the lights were off and she did not answer her phone.

He called her father, Vincent Miles, who reassured him he thought it would be OK.

None of her friends or family heard from her the following day and a day later Miss Burton found her lying face down in bed.

Mr Lowe told the court he believed she had called another friend on the night she took the tablets because she wanted to be saved but that they could not get in.

Deputy Coroner Alan Walsh recorded an open verdict.

He said: "She would have known that taking that number of tablets was dangerous but she may have believed that someone would come and save her and I am not sure that she meant to take her own life.

"It is an enormous waste of a life for a young lady who must have been more emotionally distraught than anyone would imagine."