Average petrol prices are hitting record highs at the pumps at £1.47 a litre and diesel over £1.50 according to a recent analysis by the RAC.

However, due to significant drops in wholesale fuel prices of around 5.6p per litre these prices should be reduced.

Unfortunately retailers appear to be trying to recoup some of the profits lost during the pandemic lockdown by not passing the reduction on to the customer. RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams thinks the retailers are holding off in the hope that the price of oil will go back up.

Personally I think it is a disgraceful rip-off. When petrol prices increase it is normally activated immediately but when they fall, pump prices remain frozen for weeks so consequently supermarkets and petrol stations greedily bank the profit.

Surely retailers have a moral duty to pass their savings on and should end this shameless profiteering immediately .

Years ago there was a call for a “Pumpwatch” body to ensure fair treatment for drivers. It is high time that the Government brought set this up.

Mrs L M Jackson