A SPECIAL abilities cheerleading team stormed the competition last weekend.

Red Hot Superstars, which is comprised of athletes with special educational needs and disabilities, competed at a Future Cheer event last Saturday at Bolton Arena.

All of the teams on the dance programme earned first place, while members of the senior team were crowned the grand champions of the day.

Gina Burrows, the coach of Red Hot Superstars and senior teacher at Rumworth Special School, said: “The competition was absolutely amazing.

“All of the girls won a medal and performed exceptionally well, scoring perfect 10s from the judges.

“The whole Red Hot Flames programme supported the Red Hot Superstars from start to finish and welcomed them into the ‘Flames family’.

“What could have been a potentially overwhelming day for the athletes was filled with smiles, dancing and happy tears.”

Gina, who has been a member of the Red Hot Flames programme since she was 11, was overjoyed by the team’s first ever performance.

She added: “I am so proud of the whole team. It’s a highlight of my week to see the superstars on a Thursday night. It was so special taking them to a competition and hoping they would love the sport as much as I do and they certainly did.

“We have always had a dream to make cheerleading as inclusive as possible. By creating this team, it gives athletes with special educational needs and disabilities the chance to dance, compete and make memories.”

The team is based in Salford but frequently travel to Bolton for competitions and many attend Rumworth School.

Dancers who competed last weekend include Heather Bristow, Tegan Hulstone, Maddison O Brien, Jazmyne Corbishley, Stacey Dyer and Emily Grace Tate.

The superstars team are all aged 11 and over and train every Thursday evening at Studio 96 Dance Academy.

The team is always on the lookout for new members to join their cheerleading squad.

Those interested in joining the Red Hot Flames programme should contact Suzanne Roberts on rhflames@gmail.com for more information.