I APPRECIATED the recent article in the Bolton News on Jack Morgan, now aged 97.

In my opinion, Jack, who I have known for quite a few years, is one of Bolton’s unsung heroes. He is certainly one of my heroes.

Not only did Jack survive Sword Beach on D-Day, as you described, but he also survived Dunkirk.

We have to thank Jack for many things, including the countless number of large cakes which he baked and gave away to individuals and organisations, until his oven failed him and he retired.

He gave me the task of getting one of his fruit cakes to not only Prime Minister Blair but also another one to Prime Minister Gordon Brown. Not an easy task, even for an MP. Letters of thanks were received in return.

For several years Derek Burrows has transported him to the Farnworth and Kearsley Labour Club, where I have enjoyed his company on many an occasion. To Lever Edge Nursing Home - look after him; he is one of Bolton’s treasures!

Dr Brian Iddon