A DRIVE-in diner has arrived in Horwich.

Greek eaterie, Taka Taka Mam's Dashboard Diner has taken the popular 1950s American trend of eating in your car to give people another way of eating out during Covid.

It opened on Thursday night in the Middlebrook Retail and Leisure Park

Joint owner Lee Watkins says he came up with the idea as a way of people, who are worried about coronavirus, being able to still eating out but in the safety of their own vehicle.

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My business partner is Greek and he was showing me a story from Greece where a customer was denied entry into a restaurant because they never had a vaccine passport.

“He simply drove round the restaurant and ordered from his car, and they served him!

“It gave me the idea that you know what?

"This could work here.

“There’s a lot of people that have kids or are disabled that can’t access restaurants or are fearful, that just aren’t included anywhere.

“I thought It would be a really good idea if we offer these people the chance for three nights a week to be included.

“They can listen to the same music we are, and they can eat in the warmth of their own car with their friends and family.”

The Bolton News: Menu: Both the drive-in and kiosk offer the same range

The Dashboard Diner takes place every Thursday to Saturday until Christmas from 6pm to 8.30pm at Middlebrook Retail Park, next door to Asda.

It provides the same menu as customers could get at the kiosk, and Mr Watkins has vowed to continue the service after Christmas if it is a success.

All the eatery’s’ ingredients come direct from Greece, and Mr Watkins believes his food will be popular to anyone that decides to drive in.

He said: “If you’ve ever been to Greece and loved the food, this will remind you.

“It shows that there truly is a tiny bit of Greece in Horwich.”

And for those meeting friends they can book car parking spaces and enjoy the drive-in diner experience together.