It’s not rocket science why people are waiting up to 12 hours in A&E.What are people to do when they cannot visit a doctor? Doctors need to get back on track.

I was once told by a very good GP (sadly now passed on) that he would never make a diagnosis of a patient over a telephone call. Some people cannot express their symptoms to their GPs properly and ringing 111 is a joke as once again people are making a diagnosis over the phone.

I waited seven hours for an ambulance. All the A&E centres that have been closed down need to be opened up again.

I am not blaming our wonderful NHS staff - what would we do without them? What pressure they must be working under!

The system cannot cope and patients are being shunted all over the place for treatment from this hospital to that hospital and from this health centre to that health centre at times not even in their own town.

Some people struggle to get there and spend a fortune on taxis. Trying to access patient transport is a nightmare as you have to be ready two hours before pickup time and the round trip can take the biggest part of a day.

And don’t forget some of these people are elderly disabled and maybe in pain or feeling ill. It is just not acceptable.

Then we have Blackburn and Darwen building more and more houses. It beggars belief!

Where is it all going to end? Is there anyone out there who knows how to run this country? I think my pet cat could do better.

Wandering Walter