MPs and political staff must not be above the law when it comes to drugs.

Traces of cannabis and cocaine are said to have been found inside the most elite parts of Parliament.

Apparently in the past year two drug dealers have been arrested and 13 people have been held for drug possession and 12 places were tested in Parliament for class A drugs

Eleven of them showed positive for traces of narcotics. Evidence of cocaine was even found in the toilets near the private offices of MPs

One MP described it as a cocaine culture in Parliament with some taking drugs all the time whilst others dabble.

There has been a suggestion of bringing in sniffer dogs to seek out the culprits,

Surely this will send out the right message that Parliament will not tolerate an issue that continues to blight our nation.

If there really is a drug problem in Parliament then it needs to be sorted as soon as possible. These people are MPs and officials representing our country and should be setting a good example instead of risking not only their careers but also their lives.

The House of Commons Speaker, Sir Lindsey Hoyle, has vowed to act on the matter and Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats has also requested a full enquiry.

This is a very serious issue and appropriate action must be taken and taken now.

Mrs L M Jackson