A NEWLY turned pro boxer has struck his second win in the ring and is looking forward to a successful boxing career.

Abdul Khan from Bolton, the 19-year-old cousin of Amir, breezed his way to a 40-35 win on points in just his second professional fight last weekend on Saturday at the AJ Bell in Salford.

The young boxer kept cool and composed during his bout with Jake Pollard.

He said: “I’m really happy with how I did, I just went into the ring with my head in the game.

“I couldn’t have asked for it to go better and I’m just so grateful that I got to have my second fight and show everyone what I can do.

“It felt good to be there, especially after my first win in Dubai and I have to thank everyone who has helped me get here.

“My mum, my coaches, my gym, my friends and all my loyal supporters, who turned out in force on Saturday.”

People flocked to the venue to see the seven planned fights with Abdul’s fight planned just after 8pm.

Friend and mentor, Matt Bolton said: “I think he boxed very well for his second fight, he showed a lot of maturity and I’m proud of him.

“Abdul had a great night, he was calm and collected in the ring and he did what he needed to do to get that win, he deserved it.

“I am sure he’s going to be a world champion one day, he’s displaying all the skills for it.

“These are learning fights for him that he needs to gain experience. When I saw him, I congratulated him and said Well done, because even when the other guy was running at him, Abdul didn’t falter one bit.”

Abdul is now planning to take some rest before looking to another fight after the new year some time.

The young Khan is making waves in the boxing world and has Amir’s support in the bag.

Abdul’s mum, Saira Khan, was also present at the fight, her first time watching her son in the ring.

He said: “My mum came for the first time too, I managed to persuade her, and she wants to support me in everything.

“I felt good knowing she was there because she does so much for me, I can’t thank her or repay her ever for everything she has done for me in my life.”

Abdul will be back in the ring soon. Follow him on Instagram @abdulkhan.1