TWO Conservative MPs in Bolton and Bury look set to vote against Covid 'vaccine passports' on Tuesday.

Bolton West's Chris Green, who has long questioned government policy on coronavirus, has signalled his intentions.

He said he was "very concerned"this could lead to compulsory vaccinations.

Mr Green added: ""We are already seeing the introduction of Covid status certification ID card scheme. This on Tuesday is something I'm going to vote against."

Radcliffe's MP Christian Wakeford added: "I have long been a critic of vaccine passports having previously raised the matter in the chamber, so will vote against their introduction next week.

"The new restrictions are conflicting and damaging where you are to work from home but go to parties. I cannot support Plan B."

Bolton North East MP Mark Logan has not said publicly which way he will vote but was running a poll on his Facebook site on the issue.

The government may see the legislation pass with support from the Labour ranks.

Shadow Health Secretary Wes Streeting told the Commons his party was ready to back fresh restrictions on Thursday.