A STUDENT at Westhoughton High has been presented with a bursary and trophy for achieving the best GCSE grades.

Student Antoni Borzymowski received the award as part of Westhoughton Rotary Club’s annual tradition.

When Antoni started at the school, he demonstrated his enthusiasm and willingness to learn and develop his knowledge across his subjects.

This continued throughout his GCSE’s, in which he always applied himself to his studies, as well as commitment to independent learning outside of the classroom.

He has also been a part of the school’s football team, and involved in a range of community action projects and charity events, including being a senior prefect.

Headteacher Neil Coe presented Antoni with the Rotary Tony Budd Diamond Jubilee Award, and said he was sorry that it hadn’t been possible to hold a more formal ceremony due to Covid restrictions.

He said:“Because I only took over in September, I didn’t have the pleasure of knowing Antoni Borzymowski, but the staff told me about his academic achievements as well as his service to the school.

“We all wish him well at Runshaw College where he is studying biology, chemistry, maths and further maths, and is already making good progress.”

Westhoughton’s Club president Anya Bailey said: “Antoni has joined a long list of worthy winners who have gone on to achieve further success and bring more honour to the school and the town.

“We all value our continued contact with the high school.

“We thank new head Neil Coe for his commitment to this award for excellence and wish him and the school well in their work to prepare students for their future lives.”

The club made its first bursary presentation in 2008 in memory of a former member’s distinguished service to the club and the community.

Ever since, Westhoughton Rotary has presented a trophy and a £200 Waterstones token to celebrate the top student’s achievement and assist with their continued studies.