I HAVE always suspected that Prince Harry lives in cloud cuckoo land and this week I was convinced.

He advised everyone unhappy in their work to quit. Does he not realise that most people have mortgages or rent to pay along with other bills not to mention the general cost of living like buying food?

A large proportion of people probably aren’t happy at work but they just have to grin and bear it.

I realise that Harry is talking from experience as only last year he chose to walk out on his job but he did happen to have a mega-millions Netflix contract waiting in the wings.

Prince Harry has always lived a privileged and pampered lifestyle and does have his millions to fall back on. I don’t think there is any danger of him, Meghan and the children being evicted from their Montecito mansion.

Is he really that out of touch with the ordinary working class? I hardly think so, I just think he is arrogant and likes to babble on, drawing attention to himself.

Mrs L M Jackson