A new signing has kicked-off at Bolton Wanderers with a major hotel group moving in.

Radisson Hotel Group announced the new signing at Bolton Wanderers Football Club, a first for the group.

For the hotel and major event and convention venue is the first Radisson Individuals property to be situated within a sports stadium.

And now the hotel is set to undergo a huge transformation.

Set to become a member of Radisson Individuals next year, the hotel is located within the University of Bolton Stadium, home to Bolton Wanderers Football Club, which was founded in 1874.

Chairman of Bolton Wanderers FC, Sharon Brittan said: “We’re delighted to partner with Radisson Hotel Group and bring this internationally-recognised brand here to Bolton Wanderers FC.

"We’ve quickly established a fabulous working relationship with Radisson Hotel Group and their exceptional team, and I know this will be a long-term and fruitful commercial partnership.

"Every step we take is about raising the bar across the business and I can’t think of a more perfect partner to be working with to evolve our offering at the hotel.”

Under the new owners, the hotel will undergo a rennovation to"offer a high-quality and stylish upscale design throughout the hotel".

And the hotel group hope to capitalise on Bolton's growing reputation as a tourist destination and its proximity to Manchester.

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Adela Cristea, Vice President, Head of Business Development UK and Ireland, Radisson Hotel Group, said: “We welcome Bolton Whites Hotel, a member of Radisson Individuals, with open arms to our Radisson Hotel Group portfolio.

"To introduce the first Radisson Individuals property at a football stadium is a very exciting achievement and we look forward to delivering memorable moments to our guests and visitors at this fantastic venue.”

De Veres group ran the hotel before Bolton Wanderers took over the luxury hotel in 2013.