A CUSTOMER from Horwich has slammed the new van permit system, after having to apply several times.

Under a new system which came in to force in early December, residents need a free permit to take their own vans, pickups or twin axle trailers to recycling centres across Greater Manchester, to prevent illegal trade waste disposals.

Martin Dixon tried to dispose of household waste in his pickup van a couple of weeks ago and said his permit was rejected because the utility bill SUEZ requested, was in his wife’s name.

He also said that he needed three documents, although he was only able to upload two online.

In emails seen by The Bolton News, Martin was advised to upload his V5 log book, utility bill, and a Doctors letter in his name.

Despite sending all of the requested documents, including a hospital letter instead of a doctor's letter, he was refused on several occasions.

He said when he was unable to upload his documents online he tried to sort the issue out with SUEZ via email, but wasn’t able to resolve it quickly.

Martin said: “I had to start the process over and over again all because my utility bill was in my wife’s name. I was asked to upload three documents, but I could only upload two.

“The bureaucratic steps that are involved are unbelievable .

“Is it any wonder that people are fly tipping in Bolton?”

He said that having been in charge of waste operations at Manchester Airport, he understands the importance of disposing of waste correctly, and is ‘used to the system’, but that he became ‘fed up’ after not getting a response and having to apply more than once.

According to Greater Manchester Combined Authority (GMCA) the issue has now been resolved.

Since the new system came into place, former Bolton councillor Stuart Lever - owner of U Drive in Astley Bridge - previously told The Bolton News that the system crashed on the day it launched, causing problems for him and his customers.

At the time GMCA said that any issues reported would be “investigated promptly by SUEZ”.

GMCA, however, say the system did not crash and said "any issues experienced may have been with the user themselves".