WE reported how a councillor was urging residents in Farnworth to have their say on a traffic regulation order which would restrict parking in the area.

Some residents have already said the excessive parked vehicles are reportedly from owners of minibuses in the area, customers or staff visiting the nearby Royal Bolton Hospital, or drivers picking up or dropping off pupils at a local school.

We have got some reaction from our readers online and here are their views...

Peter Wiggins said: "Maybe if there was more parking spaces at the hospital a lot of this wouldn’t happen."

Colin Bancroft said: "What is the point of parking restrictions if they are not enforced. All over Bolton there are restrictions that are ignored because there is zero enforcement. Nothing will change."

Tickled_Pickle said: "What would be the point when there is no-one to police the roads over Bolton.

There are the inpatient drivers beeping their horns behind you because sensible drivers won't take the risk and so because they are turning left, they drive on the pavement with absolutely no care someone could be walking on it.

"The standard of driving in Bolton is appalling."

lumpy bumpy said: "Plodder Lane and adjoining roads Mount Pleasant, Wildman Lane and Exeter Ave need to be considered and included in the consultation."

Ian Dutton said: "What about Broadway and Kingsland Road, they are just as bad."