VOLUNTEERS from all over Bolton have come together to make sure no-one is without Christmas dinner this year.

Urban Outreach’s Christmas Dinner on Jesus mission is expected to help around 6,000 people who are either struggling, or have had a difficult year.

Families are nominated every year through the charity to receive special hampers with everything they need for Christmas day.

Those receiving hampers are either known to the organisation, or in need of that extra support.

Dave Bagley, chief executive, said: “People get involved for lots of reasons.

“For me, it’s about wanting to live out my faith and make it real for others and myself.

“There have been so many people in Bolton helping relieve people of that difficulty.

“If we can get to one person at a time, we can make history.”

Putting the hampers together has been part of a team effort, with a large amount of items and money donated from businesses, church’s, schools, and people in the area.

Bolton Council, Bolton at Home, and Seddon Construction, have all helped with the delivery side of things, with Carrs Pasties helping source the turkeys.

Cllr Linda Thomas, the Mayor of Bolton, was also helping out and said: “I have come down today to support and thank the volunteers for all their magnificent work. I want to make sure people have food for Christmas, and that no-one is without.

“Urban Outreach has just been wonderful in helping the town, which is why they are our chosen charity.”

The volunteers packaged the fresh fruit and vegetables, which will be delivered tomorrow along with the turkey’s instead of chicken this year - due to a small issue.

There will be options to cater for vegetarians, and for Muslims eating halal versions too.

Dave said single hampers will also be handed out to people living on their own, with a ready cooked meal, which will include the same as the box hampers, but with a reduced size.

In addition, children will be gifted with activity bags including plenty of games to keep them busy.

He added: “Last year we realised that there was just too much for one person.

“There is just enough now for one person.

“It can depress people otherwise because they have no one to share it with.”

The charity is also at the fore-front of the Humanitarian Hub, which helps feed families in need.