TWO years ago burglar Danny Dean made a mum weep after breaking into her home and stealing her children’s presents on Christmas Eve.

But this year 31-year-old Dean will be spending the festive season behind bars after he was sentenced for committing a further burglary.

In February last year Dean was jailed after looting presents at Gillian Jackson’s home on December 24. She had to break the news to her children that their gifts were gone on Christmas morning.

After serving a prison sentence for the crime Dean, of Fearnhead Close, Farnworth, was released on licence but he has now been back before the courts again after committing another burglary.

Brian Berlyne, prosecuting, told how Philip Branchflower was asleep in bed at 8.30am on October 17 when Dean burgled his Marion Street, Moses Gate, home.

“CCTV shows an intruder going to the key safe, which Mr Branchflower kept on the wall outside his front door,” said Mr Berlyne.

“The intruder managed to open the safe, remove the key and enter the property.”

Dean, who was later recognised by police on the CCTV footage, stole three bluetooth earpieces, bottles of alcohol and an alcohol dispensing machine as well as a suitcase.

As well as losing the goods, worth a total of £1,272, Mr Branchflower had to pay £148 to have the door lock replaced as Dean also took the key.

In a victim statement Mr Branchflower told the court that he no longer feels comfortable in his own home.

“I am constantly having to look outside my address to make sure my car is still secure,” he stated.

“After this incident I was unable to sleep as I was paranoid about what may happen.”

Dean, who pleaded guilty to burglary, is addicted to class A drugs, has 16 previous convictions for 33 offences and two previous convictions for burglary.

Sarah Johnston, defending, said Dean claims that the key safe was open as he walked past and so he used the key to let himself into the property.

“He went in quietly, didn’t disturb the house owner who, of course, was at home, and then left with the goods,” she said.

Miss Johnston added that Dean’s partner has six children and is struggling to manage without him, particularly as their four-month-old baby daughter has health problems.

The Honorary Recorder of Bolton, Judge Martin Walsh sentenced Dean to 876 days in prison.

“I am prepared to accept that this was a opportunistic burglary on your part,” the judge told him.