The headline news last Saturday detailing the conviction of Jordan Monaghan for murdering his partner and two infant children followed hard on the shoulders of other recent horrific crimes and in my opinion calls for the restoration of capital punishment.

Other recent convictions include three further toddlers killed by cruel and sadistic adults who were in their care.What on earth motivates someone to inflict pain and torture on a baby?

I accept that opponents of the death penalty will disagree with me maintaining we exist in a more civilised, enlightened and progressive society but surely a criminal should get what their crime deserves and in cases of murder what their crime deserves is death.

There are some crimes which cannot be forgiven, some individuals who cannot be rehabilitated and are beyond redemption and who do not deserve the privilege of a civilised society.

Take the recent case of David Fuller who not only took the lives of two young women but also admitted necrophilia in morgues involving women & girls. His crimes are so evil and sub human he can no longer be considered a member of the human race and deserves no mercy and the ultimate sanction.

As a direct result of the advances in DNA and forensic investigation there is now no danger of an innocent person being put to death.

From a statistical point of view, over the past decade 129 criminals who were jailed for life have been handed the same sentence again. In 2019 17 criminals were given a second life sentence.

Capital punishment was abolished on the understanding that life should mean life. It is unacceptable that so many serious offenders have been released early to commit further revolting offences.

Murderers must pay the price not just for victims and their families but for the sake of humanity itself.

I see no point whatsoever in the tax payer maintaining them in comfort for the rest of their lives in conditions far more civilised than those afforded to their poor forgotten victims.

Retired Det Insp Jim Oldcorn