A MAJOR Bolton employer has released findings estimating that around 100 million instruction will be thrown away over Christmas.

Electricals company AO, based on the Parklands, says that its research show that over half of people in Britain admit to throwing away instruction manuals for gifts in the period that follows Christmas.

Around 40 per cent said that they believed they didn’t need to read the instructions as they could figure it out themselves, but more than one in four admitted that they also regretted throwing away an instruction manual.

AO.com managing director David Lawson said: "Everyone knows the excitement of opening up a new gift at Christmas and wanting to get it working straight away.

"Often, instruction manuals can be the last thing you want to look at on the big day.

"However, most instruction manuals contain valuable pieces of information that show you the best way to get the most out of your gift. Not only that but keeping them means you can self-remedy if there’s a problem in the future!"

He added: "If you do find that it’s too late and the instructional manual has already found its way into the bin, then AO.com has handy guides available to help you find any information you might need."