SEPTEMBER started with a dig to discover more about the history of Farnworth’s Rock Hall in Moses Gate Country Park in a bid to save it and had already found the footprint of Vale House.

In a heart-warming story, one woman’s life was saved by Bolton police officers. Officers found a woman, who had previously been reported missing a couple of days before, was submerged in water, and stuck in deep mud in Eagerly Brook.

After rescuing her, all of the officers involved recently received a divisional commander’s ‘good work minute’ for their handling of the incident.

There was flood prevention work happening in September in a desperate attempt to stop rain from ruining homes and businesses in Horwich.

Projects included £3m worth of interventions, led by the borough council. This should protect 248 residential properties.

A family was left devastated by the end of the month when a dad and husband from Bolton was shot dead in Pakistan.

The family of Maqsood Ahmad Qamar, 45, who live in Morris Green, still said they knew nothing of what really happened to the ex-Pakistani military soldier, who was shot multiple times on September 3.


There was much bravery in October when Ron Lancaster gave emergency first aid when he was driving pupils home from Turton School in Bromley Cross on September 22 and a student suddenly started choking on a sweet.

Cllr Susan Baines, health cabinet member, said family doctors are facing abuse daily due to lack of appointments.

Bolton Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) chairman Dr Niruban Ratnarajah said appointments were available with GPs, who were “working harder than ever” — while facing abuse on a daily basis.

A charity singing group hit the headlines when they claimed they were stopped from singing by the council who said it was against the permit rules.

New plans were also unveiled at the end of the month for Covent Garden-inspired plans to transform the town centre’s cultural quarter.

It would see upgrades to the market and improve links from Le Mans Crescent, Victoria Square and Newport Street.