WE reported that traders in Farnworth had mixed views about the new £14m Market Precinct proposal which will create 94 new homes and commercial space in the town centre.

Speaking to The Bolton News, businesses owners who will have their shops demolished in the new plans spoke about their position.

Nigel Cain, owner of Nigel’s Pet Supplies, will be relocating his store and he believes he will continue to see his loyal customers after the market transformation.

He said: “All of the stores on this strip are earmarked for demolition to make way for the development.

“So from what would be the chip shop at the top, to the last property which is council owned and currently being used as a pop-up library, will be demolished to make way for this proposal so it definitely impacts us because we will have no shop left, we are having to close."

So we asked our readers about their thoughts about it.

Alison Home said: "I'm looking forward to this starting. It will bring a much needed transformation to the town. The addition of decent accommodation in the town centre along with shops and restaurants will mean that the centre has people present at all times thereby reducing the presence of anti social behaviour. "

Adrienne Styles said: "I think Farnworth has been let down time after time. I do not live there, but they keep getting promises that are never fulfilled. It is time to get on with it."

Cath Parmar said: "Believe it when I see it.. Farnworth has been given false promises for many years.. and there’s no mention of extending doctors, dentists or schools."

Gill Cupit said: "I work in Barnardo's and the first we heard about having to close was in November. Surely the council should have helped out more with relocation especially a charity shops like ours.

"I love my job and am heartbroken to think we will have to close by end of March next year. Who can afford posh flats around here? Who wants deli's and pop up candle shops when most people can't even afford there heating bills or a decent food shop."