I LIVE alone and because of the spread of Covid-19 I haven’t been out of my house since before Christmas. I have kept my contacts to a minimum only seeing a couple of neighbours at a distance and where I would have normally gone to family on Christmas Day, they brought my Christmas dinner to me.

On December 30, I finally decided to go out in my car on my own, for some fresh air I went to the local fast food drive through and parked up in the country away from anybody else like a real Billy no mates.

I was out for two hours and in no close contact with anybody. I have now been pinged by the NHS Covid app as being in close contact with somebody who tested positive and must now isolate.

Where was I in contact with anybody? I have seen nobody!

I have just tested negative on a lateral flow test and have no symptoms, but as far as I can make out I still have to isolate for at least seven to 10 days. The information on the app does not make any sense to me. I am also double vaccinated and just before Christmas had the booster.

My brother has a garage and has worked right through with two young lads, neither of whom have been vaccinated, he went out on Christmas Eve on a pub crawl and one of the people he went with has now tested positive and he has yet to be pinged once.

Can anybody explain to me how the app works and why I should believe it? Why can’t the app at least tell me approximately where and when the contact happened!

Michael Albin