A BOLTON man who played for Wanderers reserves when Sam Allardyce was manager has started a new business venture which aims to transform the world of fitness instruction.

Daniel Stott has launched Class-ify – which aims to free personal trainers from gyms and allow them to work for themselves.

It offers them the chance to build their own website and even have their own App which clients can download.

Mr Stott, originally from Great Lever, play for the Whites but left to study on a scholarship in New York.

From 2010 he worked at JustEat, when it was just developing.

The company was so little-known about some of his family thought he was working as a takeaway driver.

But during his time there the company became famous and expanded worldwide.

Mr Stott spent some time working in Canada and Australia during his six years at the company, as he helped it grow its profile.

And now Mr Stott, 34, wants to use that expertise to develop Class-ify.

The digital platform will offer personal trainers the support, training and technology to run a coaching business.

It will offer workout plans, payments, calendars, websites and marketing tools.

Mr Stott said: "If you want to compare us to the restaurant industry, it is like we are helping chefs get their own business away from the restaurant.

“We help personal trainers get away from gyms.

“Personal trainers have the same challenges no matter where they are, they want to make more money and they want a lie in, they are all self-employed.”

Mr Stott, now based in London, also outlined his goals for 2022.

He said: “We would hope to have 500 personal trainers signed up and to have broken into the US.”

The company, which launched last November, has secured around £1m in funding with large amounts of this coming from people who worked at JustEat.

Other members of the leadership team have come from Asda, Barclays and Adecco and there is a combination of 50 years' experience working to make the project a success.

The platform also aims to give consumers access to a trainer who can set up a bespoke plan to help them reach their goals, whether that is in a gym, at their home or while travelling.