STUNNING country parks, grand architecture, some of the country's best festivals ­— things which seem to have been overlooked by those who voted Bolton as the sixth worst place to live in the country.

iLiveHere, a website known for poking fun and towns and cities, placed the town in the top 10 least desirable places to live based on its followers' views.


Turton Tower by Keith Rylance

Turton Tower by Keith Rylance


Disparaging comments focused on the weather (!) and the town having eateries with a poor hygiene ratings – ignoring the fact that Bolton has some of the best restaurants in Greater Manchester according to Trip Advisor.

The town's first citizen, Mayor of Bolton Cllr Linda Thomas says Bolton is a town we should all be proud of – the people and the place.


The second day of the annual Bolton Food and Drink Festival attracted hundreds of visitors to the town under beautiful blue skies. Picture by Paul Heyes, Saturday August 8, 2021..


She said: “We are a very diverse town where people work well together in a really good partnership.

“It’s a town to be proud of because of people’s willingness to be positive and try and do something good in the community.

“We also have the beautiful countryside, and striking places to visit.

“As the mayor, you really get the opportunity to see all the good of the town, and it’s not just something we are saying.

“During the pandemic we came together to distribute food to homes, and had a huge amount of support from those volunteering with the vaccine clinics.”


Rivington 2020

Rivington 2020


Bolton has previously been celebrated for it’s rich history as a mill town during the 14th century, as well as being recognised as a boom town in the 19th century.

When it comes to the scenery, Bolton is known to have plenty of stunning countryside views, and is located close to the West Pennine Moors.


Jumbles reservoir CK Hampson

Jumbles reservoir CK Hampson


Cllr Martin Cox said: “Something that Bolton has that a lot of places don’t, is the clear and distinct image, and proud inventive history.

“Bolton will also be reinventing its town centre greatly and significantly this year.

“The areas where there are gaps will see regeneration on their streets.

“Bolton is an exciting place to be whether that’s for the markets, or food and drink.

“The people are wonderful, and are some of the friendliest in the country.”