CCTV footage has captured the moment a person using a delivery van dumps a mattress in a area plagued by fly-tipping.

Courier firm DPD said it will be looking to identify the person seen in the footage and take further action.

A mattress is seen being left next to a skip in a back alley off Hughes Street, Halliwell, on Saturday.

Ward councillor, Cllr Rabiya Jiva, said that fly-tipping has happened on numerous occasions in the area, but there hadn’t been any evidence until the footage.

She said: “Bolton Council has been notified by multiple residents surrounding this incident and fly-tipping in the area, and enforcement action will be taken.

“We want the area to be a cleaner and brighter place for all residents and people who live close by.

“We also want people to use the tip services provided and report it when they see incidents like this and ring their local authorities.”

A local resident said: “Fly-tipping in the area is not good enough. It just shouldn’t happen.

“This time the person didn’t realise there was a camera and that people also saw them do it.

“We want to make an example out of them so that this doesn’t happen again.

“It costs the council a lot of money and they have to collect it, which they have been really good with.”

The person responsible has come and collected the items. Residents say he told them them that he was going to take it to the tip, but it was closed at the time.

In a DPD company statement, a spokesperson said: “At DPD we take the conduct of our people very seriously indeed, including their interaction with other road users, our customers and their property.

“The behaviour of our driver here was unforgivable and completely unacceptable.

“The driver will be identified and appropriate action will be taken.”

Bolton Council previously took steps to reduce the amount of fly tipping, including putting a £400 fixed penalty notice or an unlimited fine in place for those illegally dumping items.

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