ROAD workers were left fuming after a ticket was slapped on their lorry for stopping in a parking bay which had been suspended to allow the works to take place.

O'Connor Utilities was carrying out work on Howell Croft South on behalf of Electricity North West in advance of a Bolton Council scheme to transform the area outside the Octagon theatre into a more pedestrian-friendly area.

At the moment a large part of the carriageway is sectioned off while the road is dug up and disabled parking bays outside The Wellsprings have been suspended to allow one-way traffic to pass.

But on Wednesday afternoon a O'Connor Utilities grab lorry arrived to take away rubble and debris from the road works.

Grab operator Steve Conlon says there was no other safe option but to stop in the road outside the Wellsprings, temporarily holding up traffic behind him, while loading the lorry.

But while he and his colleagues were busy working, a traffic warden posted a parking fine notice on the cab of the lorry.

"By law we are allowed to block the road 15 minutes at a time but he did not recognise that," said Mr Conlon.

"I have been doing this job for 20 years and never had a ticket for doing my job."

Team leader Chris Foster said his bosses have been contacted about the parking ticket and they will not be paying it.

A council spokesperson said: “The suspension sign that was in place states that no vehicles are allowed to park in the disabled bays. This was to help facilitate the traffic movement whilst the road works were ongoing.

“The contractor who parked in the suspended bay has not been in contact with the council to clarify they required access to load the rubble. Assistance would have been provided to remove the material if they had done so.

“The civil enforcement officer who issued the penalty charge notice attempted to advise the driver they were unable to park in the suspended bay and correctly issued the penalty charge notice.

“The council will also be contacting the contractor directly to remind them of their duty to maintain safe traffic flows around and through the site and to liaise with the council’s team at all times while working on the highway.”