RESIDENTS have reacted badly to a new sign that has been erected outside a luxury hotel in Bolton.

By day the sign at the Last Drop in Bromley Cross poses little issues, say neighbours.

But in the dark of night the sign is brightly lit up and has been deemed both an eyesore and an intrusion by those living in the area.

Jack Shuttleworth, who lives opposite the hotel sign, said: “It’s ridiculously bright and we can see it out of the living room window whilst watching TV.

“I really like the wall and the flowers. I just think the illuminated sign in the middle isn’t very nice. It just looks cheap and is too bright.”

Found just off Hospital Road, the former 17th century farm buildings were converted into Last Drop Village Hotel and Spa in the 1960s and have been fondly thought of in Bromley Cross ever since.

Mr Shuttleworth added: “I’m a member of the Last Drop and love it so I’m not calling them out, I just hate the sign.”

Cllr Nadim Muslim said: “We completely understand why people might be surprised by the new sign.

“We’ll see if they have any planning issues, but we assume it’s in accordance with planning regulations.

We want to make sure that everyone gets a satisfactory outcome.”

Fellow councillor, Amy Cowen, echoed the disgruntled thoughts and added: “As local councillors, we are aware of the situation, and we agree that it is too much and unnecessary. It is an inconvenience.

“It is quite an aggressive light, and it shines directly into people’s homes.”

The Owner of The Last Drop Village, The Emerson Group, responsible for the installation of the contentious sign and, although they were unable to comment, confirmed they are aware of the situation, and would like to assure residents that it is being looked into.