Channel 5's head of programming has rejected calls from the Government to make it a legal requirement for there to be more "distinctively British" TV shows.

Ben Frow argued that the channel’s schedule is “not Government-led” and embraces a wide range of viewers.

He told The Times: “I don’t really know what the Government meant. My job is to look at the schedule, make sure there’s a nice variety and try to second guess the audience.

“I am viewer-led, I am not Government-led when it comes to creative ideas.”

He pointed to examples of Channel 5 programming that reflect British values, such as Our Yorkshire Farm and Coastal Devon & Cornwall With Michael Portillo.

John Whittingdale, who was Media Minister at the time, announced these proposals for more "distinctively British" TV shows back in September 2021.

These have been criticised by actor David Tennant, who suggested they were an attempt to push for more politically favourable programming.

Pointing to high viewing figures from different areas across the UK, including Yorkshire, the Midlands and Scotland, Mr Frow said Channel 5 is “of the people, for the people”.

“We’re not highfalutin, we’re not snooty, we don’t look down on our audience, we’re not patronising,” he said.