The Octagon Theatre has announced the cast taking to the stage for their first production of 2022.

Opening up the new year’s spring season is former Doctor Who writer, Vinay Patel’s critically acclaimed An Adventure, following the journey of a wife and husband who flee India in the 1950s in search of a hopeful new future.

Director Kash Arshad said: “Having the chance to work on a play that deals with so much of the history of the South Asian community in this country, as well as that of my own family is one I’m really relishing.

“I’m so excited to get started working with Vinay’s script, which is so compelling, heartfelt and truthful.

“We have an amazing group of actors lined up, as well as a stellar creative team who I can’t wait to work with to bring this epic, intimate, funny and heartbreakingly beautiful play to life.”

Husband and wife, Rasik and Jyoti will be played by Esh Alladi and Saba Shiraz, joined by young performer, Jessica Kaur.

An Adventure will debut at the Octagon Theatre, Bolton, from Friday, February 4 until Saturday, February 24.

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