A BOLTON mum is celebrating losing eight stone thanks to a lockdown weight loss plan.

Becky White, 40, went from 17 stone nine pounds to 11 stone nine pounds in just eight months after signing up the 1:1 Diet by Cambridge Weightloss Plan.

In previous years, family and friends had been concerned about her health but when she discovered the plan, which is based on dietary research carried out in the 1960s, this started the change.

Ms White said: “I always felt exhausted and suffered from constant backache. I knew this was because of my weight.

“My parents frequently commented on my size, as they were worried about my health, especially due to the increased risk with Covid-19.

“My kids were embarrassed of me, they didn’t say it, but I could tell especially when my son asked me to drop him near school, not at school.

“I also didn’t feel attractive enough for my partner. I was scared he would leave me, even though he was adamant he wouldn’t.”

Ms White, whose partner Mark Latham is 44, started on the plan last November after noticing its effect on a colleague and says that beginning in lockdown proved helpful.

She said: “I found the plan so easy to follow because I didn’t have to think about weighing, measuring, or even counting calories!

“Because we were in lockdown, I couldn’t go out drinking or eating, so this definitely helped.

Becky, who is mum to Harvey, 17, and Evelynn White, 13, had already noticed a change by her birthday on January 1 and has since drawn on her experiences to become a diet consultant herself.

She said: “I have gained so much confidence and energy, I feel sexier and more stylish as I can now shop in all high street stores and try out new fashions.

“I hated shopping before because I knew nothing nice would fit. But now I love it and I also finally have a pair of knee-high brown boots that fit around my calf.

“The weight loss has given me a new lust for life, my chronic pains have eased, and I now enjoy walking and swimming, which I never used to be able to do.”