RESIDENTS have raised concerns after finding formerly public land was fenced off with possible new development works set to take place.

The land, off Radcliffe Road in Darcy Lever near the A666, had previously been public but is currently surrounded by fencing and signposted as 'private land'.

People nearby say they are worried that further housing could be planned for the already densely-populated and congested area.

The Bolton News:

The land has been fenced off and signposted as private

One resident said: "I was driving up there a week before Christmas when I noticed a digger there with trees cut down.

"They left it in a complete mess, I followed it up with the council and we weren't informed of any land being sold.

"The problem is we've not had any information about what the possible plans or development could be and as residents we should be informed.

"They just stuck a fence round it and put up a sign saying private property, the public who live here in the community need to know what's going on.

"I just think we've been left in the dark by Bolton Council, there's been no information, nothing."

An advert for the land issued before its sale describes it as 'suitable for residential development' and situated in a 'popular residential location'.

The Bolton News:

Residents are concerned about what could be planned for the site

People living nearby are concerned about the impact a development like this could have.

The resident added: "They've left it in a right tip and I just feel that they're pulling the area down.

"If they build there that's a busy main road on Radcliffe Road and we've already had problems with speeding and drugs there."

In response Cllr David Evans, who represents the area as part of his Darcy Lever and Little Lever ward, says if extra housing is planned it could cause significant problems.

He said: "Not everyone wants to live in a concrete jungle.

"Across the borough we're having these challenges but you can't just keep building and building and building.

The Bolton News:

The area is already densely populated 

"There are other sites available for developers but they may not be as marketable."

Cllr Evans also said that the existing infrastructure in the small community would struggle to cope with any growth in the local population.

He added: "There are plenty of brownfield sites in the town centre which would be far better sites. So why aren't we building more housing on that instead of on green belt land?"