NEARLY 22,000 parking tickets generating more £654,000 in income to the council were issued in Bolton in the past year - which is down on the previous 12 months.

Bolton’s parking service’s financial report for the year up to March 31, 2021 shows enforcement officers issued 21,270 ‘on street’ penalties and 474 off street tickets, meaning penalties for motorists’ vehicles on council owned official car parks.

The report states the penalty charge notices generated £654,295 in revenue over that 12-month period.

The figures are down on 2019/20, when 31.262 tickets were issued, bringing in £1,017,613.

Bolton Council has confirmed it contracts out elements of its parking service to a number of specialist companies.

The council owns a number of car parks in Bolton town centre, the largest being multi-storeys at Topp Way, Deane Road and The Octagon, but these are run on its behalf by NCP Ltd.

In addition, the council has on-street pay and display parking in the town centre and NCP Ltd are also contracted to manage and maintain these machines.

Dozens of other car parks outside of the town centre, in district centres and elsewhere, are directly managed by the council and are free to use.

Some of the largest of these are Higher Market Street, Farnworth, which has 67 spaces, St John’s Street in Horwich with 53 spaces and Victory Street in Halliwell where there is room for 50 vehicles.

Parking enforcement is contracted out by the council to NSL Ltd, which employscivil enforcement officers.

The appeals process for penalty charge notices is managed directly by the council’s parking services team.

Debt recovery for unpaid penalties is contracted out to Jacobs Enforcement Ltd, Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd and Equita Ltd.

The last time Bolton Council published a comprehensive annual parking report, which gives more details than the annual parking financial report, was in 2019.

In that report the council gave details of how many enforcement officers were employed in the borough.

An official said: “Bolton Council does not directly employ any civil enforcement officers, as this part of the service is contracted out to NSL Limited.

“NSL Limited currently employ 21 civil enforcement officers.

“They operate on a rota basis and at any time there will typically be 12 working around the borough.”