A BOLTON councillor is asking drivers to take care and to slow down when they are approaching zebra crossings in a village.

Cllr Samantha Connor has had reports from residents in recent weeks of cars not slowing down or stopping for pedestrians along Darwen Road.

She said she has been in touch with Bolton Council to see if there are ways to make the area safer for people crossing the road.

Cllr Connor added: “The zebra crossing is on Darwen Road, Bromley Cross, near to St John’s Primary School.

“It is not a new crossing, it has been there well over a year.

“I want to remind drivers to be aware and considerate to pedestrians, after a resident who lives near to it, highlighted his concerns of some cars not stopping.

“I have asked the council if we could have warning signs on approach to the crossing and if it is possible to fix the lighting issue and tackle the illegal parking in that area.

“Pedestrians should also be aware and wait for traffic to stop before stepping onto the crossing, drivers, who will be warned by the flashing beacons, should slow down and anticipate that there may be someone waiting to cross.”

There are also a number of other crossings in the area, including a pelican crossing just a short distance away at the bottom of Hospital Road.

In response to Cllr Connor’s statement, villagers say a lollipop lady or man should be employed to stop the traffic around school times, or a sleeping policeman should be installed to prevent speeding.

One villager also said they "nearly got knocked down here the other week as a car didn’t stop" while they were "in the middle of the road and the driver seemed oblivious".

Another resident said they are concerned for the safety of vulnerable people.

The householder added: “I genuinely worry for someone less aware/more vulnerable who may just see the crossing and think they can set off across it straight away and an oncoming driver isn’t paying attention.”