PLANS to introduce Greater Manchester wide liveries for taxis, that were originally meant to be common colours, could make drivers "bigger targets" for attackers.

The plans would at first have seen all taxis across the city region painted in a common colour, similar to the famous yellow cabs found in New York City.

But drivers have objected to the proposal, which has since been watered down to just including Greater Manchester Combined Authority logos, saying it could make them bigger targets for attackers and vandals.

A statement by Bolton Private Hire Association said: "100 per cent of local licensed drivers objected to the new livery proposals and would like for the removal of any existing mandatory livery.

"Numerous examples were cited and in one particular case, a vehicle owner was targeted by youths by stones and eggs with passengers in the vehicle, causing severe alarm and distress at the time.

"The driver also stated that he was giving way to a commercial van in front of him and there was another commercial van behind his vehicle.

"Both the commercial vans were larger company owned vehicles and could be regarded as bigger targets however it seems that this is a national endemic which the industry is blighted with."

A council cabinet vote on the proposal had been scheduled for last Monday but has not been delayed until February 7.

Opponents say they are glad the common colour plans have been dropped but that they are still concerned about city region wide branding.

Bolton Labour group leader Cllr Nick Peel se said: "What we oppose is a common Greater Manchester livery but I think its important that the Bolton Council logo remains."

He added: "Its very important that the general public understands what is a private hire vehicle and what isn't."

The plans have been put forward by Greater Manchester Combined Authority but need the agreement of the city region's borough councils.

Bolton Council leader Cllr Martyn Cox said: "Taxi drivers have had it hard over the last few years and they're a hard working bunch of people."

He added: "Ultimately we're trying to work with the taxi trade rather than force these issues on them."