AN elderly man’s death on Christmas Day could have been partly caused by an industrial disease, an inquest has heard.

Bolton Coroners Court heard how Brian Hayes, 87 of Beechfield Road, Bolton, had been admitted to Royal Bolton Hospital shortly before Christmas after having been found collapsed at his home.

Mr Hayes, a retired weaving shed employee for the electrical board, had been known to have asbestosis.

The court heard how his cause of death was determined to be aspirational pneumonia, brought on by lung disease.

Coroner Timothy Brennand, opening the inquest into Mr Hayes’s death, said: “It seems to me that there are a number of matters within that cause of death that will have to be revisited at the inquest.”

Police coroners officer Julie-Ann Hyde said that Mr Hayes’ family had no concerns over his treatment or care.

But Mr Brennand ruled that a full inquest will be heard later this year to determine if the asbestosis that contributed to his death was caused by “potential workplace exposure”.

Mr Brennand adjourned the case for a hearing to take place on Thursday, June 16, and that he will require statements from Mr Hayes’ GP and from Royal Bolton Hospital as well as access to his antecedent records.

Before then the case will be reviewed in March.